One this page you will find important policies and other documents for members of North Essex Astronomical Society.

Members will be provided with a welcome pack containing other important information regarding the observatory, induction, etc. by email upon joining the society. Any changes to the welcome pack or the above policies will be sent to all members via email. Please ensure that you keep your email address up to date on the membership database by updating it here.

Membership Documents

Constitution of North Essex Astronomical Society: The constitution governs how we operate as a society. It covers membership, the Annual General Meeting, election and operation of the committee, etc.

Code of Conduct – General Members: The Code of Conduct for General Members sets out the behaviour we expect of our members.

Code of Conduct – Committee Members: The Code of Conduct for Committee Members sets out the behaviour we expect of our committee members.

Data Privacy Statement: In order to become a member of the society, you must consent to us collecting and processing your personal data. The data privacy statement sets out the data that we collect, the reasons for doing so and how the data is stored and processed.

Child & Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy: All members of the society are required to read, understand and abide by the C&VA policy. The purpose of the policy is to protect all members, of all ages, of the society and the public with whom the society interacts.

Outreach Booklet: As summary of the Child & Vulnerable Adult policy which volunteers are required to sign before taking part in any outreach activity.

Laser Pointer Safety Policy: Any member of the society wishing to use a laser pointer at the observatory or at other NEAS events is required to read and abide by this policy. The policy explains which types of laser pointer are permitted, how to use them safely and the standards of behaviour expected of laser pointer users. (Note, the public and members under the age of 18 are not permitted to use laser pointers at the observatory or NEAS events).

General Information

Laser Safety Poster: A laser safety awareness poster for display at the observatory and events.

Laser Safety Card: A simple graphical card to remind you of laser safety dos and don’ts.