Monthly Meeting - The Drake Equation and the Search for Extra terrestrial life

Date(s) - 18/02/2021
7:15pm - 10:00pm

The Drake Equation and the Search for Extra Terrestrial Life with Les Brand

Is there life out there? And if so, how much?

This talk will cover the possibility and search for extra terrestrial life and how the Drake equation helped to shape our thinking on the factors which might be considered in estimating number of other intelligent civilisations in our galaxy and beyond.  You may get a chance to estimate it yourselves.


About The Speaker

Les Brand is an astronomer and STEM Ambassador based in Upminster on the outreaches east of London. He is a committee member of Havering Astronomical Society serving as outreach officer with responsibility for setting up and running club observing sessions and ensuring the club supports the local community through outreach activities and he gives talks on astronomy and space topics to schools and youth organisations.

Les is also a part time astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich delivering shows and workshops to schools and public audiences.

An avid astrophotographer, Les has his own DIY ROR observatory with remote setup and occasionally published images.

In previous lives Les worked for major tech companies and is now semi-retired just as global warming means more clouds.


This will be held via Zoom; details are in the weekly email. Please note the earlier starting time.

We should be finished in time to watch the Perseverance rover land on Mars.